Insightful Parenting: Making Moments Count

Insightful Parenting: Making Moments Count is a book that tells you more than merely what you should do with your children. This is a cohesive approach to parenting, with specific strategies for every age and new skills for understanding yourself and why you parent the way you do. It will help you know how to use every moment of every day to teach your children what they will need to know in the future. After you read this book, you will find yourself thinking about the moments with your children in a new way and you will parent differently as a result.

Written by Dr. Steve Kahn, Insightful Parenting: Making Moments Count is now available for your Kindle and other eReaders, as well as in audio book format. We invite you to browse through our store and shop with confidence. We adhere to a strict privacy policy that means your information will never be shared, sold, or otherwise distributed.


Audio Book

This audio book is read by the author, Dr. Steve Kahn, and is identical to the book in every way. It is perfect for people who like to listen to books however they listen to music. In addition to the immediate download of a zipped file, a data disk of the entire audio book will be mailed to you at no extra charge. Shipping is free and same day.




This is Insightful Parenting: Making Moments Count as an epub file. It will work for all eReaders (e.g., Sony Reader, iPad) that accept “epub” files. *Please note: this format will not work on Kindles.




This is the Kindle version of Insightful Parenting: Making Moments Count.